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Business Networking

Even during the COVID-19 crisis:
Build and maintain your business relationships! ! 


There is no question that the current situation is challenging in many ways-for our health, for our economy, for our society.

In many aspects we also need to rethink. 


Many associate the term networking with large trade fairs, conferences or smaller networking events with drinks, catering and a full case of business cards.

The business purpose, however, is to get to know each other and to maintain business contacts. The networking event is a good opportunity for this, but definitely not the origin of every promising business relationship.


In my lectures and workshops I pass on my experience and knowledge gained over 15 years in the field of business networking and business relationship management.

Get into the topic with the 18-part Business Networking Master Class and register here (free of charge, email-based):

About Dr. Johannes Ripken
Why Business Relationship Management is crucial


Business networking and the management of business relationships is not only essential for business success, but also supports your own well-being, the quality of cooperation and the continuous expansion of your own horizons.


Business success is greater if you are "top of mind" at your important contacts and are recommended to others.

Life is better if you work together with people and mutual esteem.

Creativity and innovation are stronger if you continuously interact with other people. 


No matter whether as a speaker, as an expert in various functions or as a founder of tamanguu:

I want to anchor this mindset in people's thinking and inspire, motivate and accompany people in business networking and relationship management. 


Meine Expertise in Business Networking und geschäftlicher Beziehungspflege gebe ich als Speaker sowohl in kurzen Impulsen oder längeren Vorträgen oder Workshops weiter.


IHK Kompass (Kiel), Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg), DiWiSH Networking Summit (Kiel), Sonic Visions (Luxemburg), Live at Heart (Örebro, Schweden), Most Wanted: Music (Berlin), c/o pop (Köln), verschiedene Unternehmens- und Hochschulveranstaltungen.


Ich werde regelmäßig als Dozent, Supervisor oder Berater engagiert, um meine Erfahrungen und mein Wissen zu den Themen Business Networking, geschäftliche Beziehungspflege und identitätsbasierte Entwicklung von Musikkünstlern weiter zu geben. Letzteres ist hier nennenswert, weil vieles aus dem Bereich ins Business Networking und geschäftliche Beziehungspflege einspielt.


Popakademie Baden-Württemberg (Mannheim), The University of West London (Großbritannien), Fresenius Hochschule (Hamburg), Macromedia Hochschule (Berlin) und mehr.


As the founder and managing director of tamanguu, I have dealt with the subject of business networking and business relationship management even more intensively in the last few years than in my previous years of practice. I have spoken with numerous entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and managers about their challenges, their business networking and their professional everyday life and have drawn conclusions for tamanguu and my work from this.




tamanguu web application as a digital assistant for business networking and business relationship management, Business Networking Master Class as a free, email-based further education, tamanguu Networking E-Book as a bonus at the end of the Master Class

Do you have any questions about my speaker activities, workshops, the master class or about having me as a speaker? Get in touch!
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